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Jun 2, 2023

The Legislature has adjourned, but a special session is already underway. We're here to recap some of the public-education-related bills that passed during the regular session. 

  • First, we note that despite a $33 billion budget surplus, there was no increase in the basic allotment. 
  • HB 3, school safety, includes several new requirements for school districts. It does include a small per-student allotment increase and some new per-campus money. 
  • SB 10 gives retired educators a cost-of-living raise and a 13th check. 
  • HB 1707 requires municipalities to treat charters as they would ISDs for the purposes of permitting and zoning. It includes increased transparency that will help provide more information to communities when a new charter school is opening. 

Thank you to all the public school advocates who took the time to write letters, call their lawmakers, and support public education this session! 

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